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4Trust Chain of Provenance

Trust + Provenance + Finality

‘Your Partner in Document Verification’

The TALL Group of Companies provides an innovative Chain of Provenance and document or transaction verification platform that delivers absolute confidence and certainty to the user, provides real-time authentication and eliminates the risk of fraud.


  • Enterprises universally agree that document management costs are out of control
  • Document fraud has huge reputational, financial and regulatory costs
  • Authentications linking the document, its holder and the relevant transaction cannot be undertaken in real time
  • Operational performance and regulatory compliance are hindered by the lack of real time links between documents and their supporting archives


The 4Trust Chain of Provenance platform provides a unique and proprietary capability to link its fraud-proof documents in real time (Android, IOS, Windows-based applications) to the document’s encrypted archive.


Chain of Provenance

Martin Ruda, TALL Group Managing Director (left) and Philip Leone, Founder and CEO of DocuChain (right) at the launch of the 4Trust Chain of Provenance platform

DocuChain is generating B2B license fees and delivering value to its customers.


4Trust Applications

  • Authenticate the provenance of documents using on board encryption and UIDs
  • Authenticate the identity of document holders using biometrics
  • Confirms the ownership and rights of the transaction’s primary asset or entitlements
  • Validates provenance in real time using a private, “permissioned”, encrypted archive

Use Cases: https://www.docuchain.co.uk/usecases

4Trust Redefines Trust and Identity

4Trust is the “apex trust solution”.

  • 4Trust validates documents, holders and regulatory compliance
  • 4Trust stops document fraud
  • 4Trust protects personal rights from the capricious management of provenance
  • 4Trust automates production and delivery systems
  • 4Trust is easy to incorporate into existing document and data archiving infrastructures
  • 4Trust is a horizontal, B2B application that drives a measurable ROI in all vertical markets including: banking, aviation, pharmaceutical, energy, luxury goods, manufacturing, utilities, sea transport, logistics and process and goods certification authorities
  • 4Trust is easily scaleable and very cost effective

4Trust Verification Process

The DocuChain Mobile Verification Platform provides a simple but secure means of verifying scanned presented documents. The platform presents verification by displaying a ‘digital twin’ of the scanned document. In addition, once logged into the platform, users are allowed to access a Chain of Provenance where further digital assets may be viewed and actions performed depending on user permissions.

Application Demonstration

To view a basic demonstration of the document verification application, simply click the link here. Demonstration video

The supporting documents and processes can be as simple or complex as the application demands with the platform capable of adapting to specific user requirements.

Contact the TALL Group for more information about document verification.

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