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Certificate E-Verification Platform

E-Verification Platform
E-Verification Platform


E-verification platform: The TALL Group is an authorised sales partner of TCS iON, a strategic unit of Tata Consulting Services (TCS). This technology partnership not only enhances the coverage of the Digital Records Platform across a range of geographies, but also TCS iON’s extensive experience in the education and assessment segment provides strength to TALL Group’s evaluation and identification products.

TALL Certificate E-Verification Platform

E-Verification is a quick, accurate and secured portal which enables speedy online degree certificate verifications in a single click. E-Verification caters to the demands of an industry centred on genuine educational qualifications. The portal facilitates verification of degree certificates with that of original marks attained from the university. It is tailored to the needs of the recruitment industry and enterprises who want to eliminate candidates with fraudulent educational certificates and help businesses achieve the best fit.

TALL E-Verification Platform Process

Universities and employers can verify the authenticity of a degree through the verification portal.

  1. Users access the platform either through a PC, laptop or via the smartphone app.
  2. Reading the QR code on the certificate accesses the E-verification platform. The platform is available 24/7 to registered users
  3. Securely held data for each student and certificate is held remotely
  4. The E-verification platform provides details of the student, education history and displays a ‘digital-twin’ of the printed document for validation
  5. Option to authorise the re-print of certificates locally if required

TALL E-Verification Platform Demonstration

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Certificate E-verification

The TCS iON Digital Records Solution also helps universities and educational establishments to leverage IT in order to smoothly manage the end-to-end process of issuing certificates. The solution encompasses activities ranging from digitising student records, issuing and printing secure student certificates, performing digital verifications- all in a secured, organised, and cost-effective manner via an on-line platform.

For organisations where student records were maintained in physical registers prior to digitisation, the Digital Records Service includes scanning and digitisation of records along with secure storage and on-demand retrieval.

The solution digitises student records using digital encryption technologies to provide on-demand digital verification processes, issue certificates, and ensure strict data security and integrity.

Paper Certificates


TALL has been producing secure documents with overt and covert features, designed to prevent fraud, for over 20 years. This has resulted in close working relationships with educational establishments worldwide, building strong customer connections to ensure the accurate and timely production of highly secure documents. Certificates, securely printed and personalised, can be designed and produced to the required specification.

Are your certificates sufficiently protected from fraud?

  • Do they deter fraudsters?
  • Do they stop counterfeiting?
  • Do they betray alterations?

Certificates can be supplied blank or personalised with graduate details including name, subject, result and even a colour photograph of the individual.

We can help you to deter fraudsters, stop counterfeiting and highlight alterations with measures such as secure designs, watermarked paper, holograms, audit numbers, heat sensitive spots, UV, security inks and latent image technology.

Personalisation and Mailing

Using the latest laser technology, certificates can be personalised using a secure data file. TALL utilises both high and low volume technology to ensure the widest possible options are available for you.

We can hold stocks in our secure warehouse and deliver them as required.

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