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TALL Group Launches Solution To Help Prevent Certificate Fraud For African Universities

Certificate E-verification

The TALL Group, the UK leader in the provision of secure paper and electronic payment solutions has partnered with TCS iON to launch a digitised university degree certificate platform to provide e-verification for TALL’s University clients in Africa. It is designed to help address the issue of fake or fraudulently altered degree certificates and qualifications which can lead to serious reputational damage.

Using TCS iON’s Digital Records Solution, secure encryption technologies and an easy access portal provide on-demand digital verification processes, issue certificates, and ensure strict data security and integrity. This enables the Universities to smoothly manage the end-to-end certificate issuance process, and ensure fraudulent alterations or counterfeit documents are identified and trapped at source.

Martin Ruda, Group Managing Director of the TALL Group of Companies, said: “This announcement further underpins the TALL Group’s investment in our digitised platforms, enabling the organisation’s strengths in data management and security, and the alignment of secure print output with high value, web-based data driven services. This new solution will add further value to our existing services to Universities and other Awarding Bodies in the region.”

Satya Samantasinghar, Business Development Manager, TCS iON said, “With TALL’s experience and coverage of the African market, backed by our technology, this platform will provide significant opportunities for growth. Our extensive use of these applications in other parts of the world provides background knowledge and valuable insights into the integration of these platforms enabling us to support the digital journey of Universities.”

The commitment to innovation by the TALL Group, in delivering highly secure and world class print solutions and services, has encouraged organisations around the globe to rely on the company. A committed workforce in the UK provides a wide range of secure documents, including educational certificates, to a broad selection of educational establishments across Africa.

The TALL Group, a Queen’s Award for Enterprise winner for international trade, is an authorised technology partner of TCS iON, a strategic unit of Tata Consulting Services (TCS). This technology partnership not only enhances the coverage of TCS iON Digital Records Platform across a range of geographies, but also TCS iON’s extensive experience in the education and assessment segment provides strength to TALL Group’s evaluation and identification products.

For more information on TALL’s online certificate verification platform, see https://tallgroup.co.uk/certificate-e-verification-platform/

UK Business Has Proven Solution For Planned Vaccination Passport

vaccination passport
Universal Vaccination Passport solution

Any Universal Vaccination Passport solution will need to have both a digital and physical element or it will not be fully accessible according to Martin Ruda, Group MD at the TALL Group of Companies. His warnings follow the announcement of a number of trials of domestic and international digital solutions which are mainly focussed on proprietary apps and smart phone technology.

Martin explains: “The key to having a Universal Passport Solution is that is can be used by everyone, everywhere. Existing solutions being put forward all rely on countries having digitised medical records, which many do not, and require the vaccine certificate to be accessed on a smart phone that not everyone has. Little thought has gone into having a secure physical document beyond the use of a QR code which will work equally well, if robustly encrypted, on a secure document as well as a mobile phone screen.”

“A successful solution will need to provide secure connectivity to a tangible, and universally accepted, document that is verified against the core authorities’ data, in our case the NHS.”

His comments come as concerns are being raised in Israel, who has almost completed its vaccination programme, about the ease of getting a forged vaccine certificate. According to media reports a black market for counterfeit vaccination certificate is already thriving on Telegram, where more than 100,000 users have joined groups that offer the forgeries at a price. 

However, Martin is confident that the technology needed for a strong physical solution for this already exists.

“Concerns around fraudulent documentation in developing countries is commonplace, one example being the risks perceived around the forging and counterfeiting of ballot papers in national and local elections. Our secure printing solutions support the requirements of the Ugandan government to address this, and closer to home the use of encrypted QR codes protect the UK’s cheque payments industry in its move from paper to digital cheque clearing. This technology can readily be used to create a small physical vaccine passport that immutably supports and integrates with a digital solution which we have the capability to deliver.

“Our strategic partnership with Digital Cognate has helped us solve the issues regarding interoperability, integration and absolute trust in the digital source, as a result we are hoping to get a place at the table to discuss this with UK government and urge them not to try and reinvent the wheel. We have developed the necessary technology and it is tried and tested!”

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