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British leading security printing company seeks business in Zambia

25th February 2015
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A delegation from the TALL Group of Companies, a leading UK security printing company for the provision of secure paper and payment solutions, is in Zambia to explore business opportunities.

TALL Group, with over 20 years’ experience in the field of security printing, has developed a range of secure document and electronic solutions for the Financial Sector, Government and Electoral Commissions, the Education Sector as well as for private businesses and organisations.

Speaking in Lusaka today British High Commissioner, James Thornton, said:

 “I am delighted to see a rise in the number of UK companies coming to Zambia to seek trade and investment opportunities. Just last year there were two trade missions to Zambia by UK companies. We launched the British Chamber of Commerce last week. This demonstrates increased interest among UK companies to do business with Zambia. All of these activities are encouraged by the Zambian government’s continued efforts to improve the business environment in order to attract more foreign trade and investment.

 “TALL already provides CheckPrint Solution (a bulk cheque printing system) to customers in Zambia and hopes to increase exports of its products and services to other companies and organisations in the country.”

TALL Group Managing Director, Martin Ruda, said:

 “We are delighted to be working with DIT and the British High Commission in order to present our company, and its range of products and services, to interested parties in Zambia. We actively develop and promote our product across Africa as there is a demand for British expertise and quality when it comes to our technology.”

 “The Group is able to provide secure documents such as cheque and other banking documents, ballot papers and election materials, personalised degree certificates, vouchers, licences, revenue receipts and so on. In addition, the Company is able to provide a range of cheque scanners and cheque related software systems. Our clients are based primarily in the Caribbean, the Middle East and in Africa. These include Electoral Commissions, the UNDP, major banks, Government Departments and so on.”

While in Lusaka Mr Cas Amato, TALL Group Export Manager and Mr Martin Ruda, TALL Group Managing Director, will be holding meetings with interested businesses and organisations to promote TALL Group’s products and services.

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