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McColl’s Modernises Cheque Production With Checkprint

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Cheque production at McColl’s Retail Group has modernised by further strengthening its partnership with Checkprint, part of The TALL Group of Companies, the UK leader in the provision of secure paper and payment solutions. The organisation has been able to increase efficiency across its payments operation by deploying the CheckPrint Solution.

As the UK’s leading community retailer, McColl’s operates 1,370 convenience and newsagent stores across the country and has a requirement to issue around 1,000 cheques per month from its headquarters in Brentwood, Essex. The company was previously using an end-of-life dot matrix system to print its cheques, however when the company decided to upgrade its internal back end systems, they also took the opportunity to acquire a more suitable cheque printing solution that offered a greater level of functionality.

After using Checkprint for the supply of cheque stationary since 1996 and being extremely satisfied with the high levels of service provided during that 21-year relationship, McColl’s chose to deploy the CheckPrint Solution to fulfil its printing requirements.

The CheckPrint Solution is a highly secure, flexible, modular system that is designed to fit the exact requirements of any business. It allows businesses to print cheques or bank giro credits in conjunction with Pira Grade 1 approved MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) printers. The CheckPrint Solution accommodates a changing number of cheques, creates files for electronic payments, and can send remittance advice or statements on demand via email, fax, print or SMS. The product offers robust data security at every stage, total control for payment authorisation, and comprehensive reporting and auditing.

McColl’s has also been able to benefit from the CheckPrint Solution’s remote access authorisation, which allows directors to approve a batch of cheques whilst working off site. This level of automation includes the ability to add digital signatures to the documents. In addition, the CheckPrint Solution can be used to produce manual cheques, removing the need to store and manage less secure manual chequebooks.

Simon Richer, Treasury & Accounts Payable Manager at McColl’s Retail Group, said: “The CheckPrint Solution is an innovative product that has significantly upgraded our internal cheque production processes, streamlined activity, and allowed us to make substantial time and cost savings.”

Martin Ruda, Managing Director, The TALL Group of Companies, said: “The high level of functionality built into the CheckPrint Solution ensures that it is the perfect product for any company that is looking to drive efficiencies across its payments operation.”

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