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Great start to a year of celebrations for TALL Security Print 25th Anniversary

22nd January 2016

Runcorn-based TALL Security Print starts a year of celebrations marking its 25th anniversary. Established in 1991, the original Directors Brian Toole, Peter Andrew, Phil Long and Bill Lamb together with the staff have seen the business grow as a founding member of the TALL Group of Companies and become recognised as one of the UK’s leading security print providers.

The TALL Group provides special cheques, credits and secure encoded documents, producing millions of secure documents each month from its fully accredited, secure production facilities in Runcorn, Hinckley and Lisburn.

Continued investment in the Runcorn site has seen TALL Security Print’s portfolio of products and services expand to meet customers’ latest print and quality requirements offering both traditional sheet and reel fed print facilities with digital print capabilities for complete flexibility.

Here at TALL Security Print we have always put the needs of our customers at the heart of everything that we do”, commented Peter Andrew, Group Sales and Marketing Director for TALL. “With clients both here in the UK and throughout the world, we have created a dedicated team of individuals over the last 25 years who are passionate about print and ensuring that those customers’ needs are met.” This level of dedication means that TALL Security Print, as part of the TALL Group, not only supports UK banks, financial institutions and corporates, but also regularly successfully exports to over 20 countries, with products ranging from cheques to vouchers and from certificates to ballot papers for elections around the world.

The TALL Security Print 25th anniversary year of celebrations started early with the news that the Company has been chosen as one of five security printing companies selected to produce a new standardised cheque for Ethiopia. Part of the overall Ethiopian National Payment System (NPS), the cheque standardisation project has been worked on for the last five years. This work has been led by the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE), the Ethiopian financial institutions’ supervisory body, working in conjunction with the Ethiopian Bankers’ Association, to implement the new cheque system.

The new cheque will be uniform across all financial firms, capable of being machine read with security features including Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) code line and watermarked paper; the only notable variation in the cheque will be banks’ logos and corporate colours.

As the only security printing press in Ethiopia does not have the infrastructure required to print such security sensitive documents then TALL Security Print joins the other four foreign companies able to provide the security printing needed for the project.

“Once again our experience and expertise has been rewarded with a valuable selection by one of our customers,” added Peter Andrew. “As we start 2016, we are looking forward to being able to continue to supply the rest of the world with products and services, something that was only a dream 25 years ago when TALL began.”

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