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Payment Solutions

payment solutionsCheque and electronic payment requirements are fully supported by supplying award winning software, hardware and hosted payment solutions. These include Bacs and faster payments powered by Experian Payments Gateways, cheque imaging systems from leading scanner manufacturers, cheque printing software and integrated payment solutions developed at Checkprint Ltd.

Working with Partners in Payment Solutions

The TALL Group works in close partnership with industry leaders such as Experian and Digital Check Corporation to deliver payment solutions systems used by the largest financial services and corporate organisations as well as SMEs throughout the UK and internationally.

TALL Group Payment Solutions

Cheque and electronic payment needs are fully supported by supplying award
winning software, hardware and hosted solutions.

  • CheckPrint Solution
    A secure and user friendly cheque and credit printing system incorporating
    software and hardware, which allows all cheques, credits and remittances to
    be infilled from customers’ accounting systems
  • Banking Assistant
    A cheque imaging and tracking system that automatically captures the
    codeline and amounts of cheques to be deposited. Complies with the latest
    legislation, keeping a record of all items deposited.
  • Cheque Imaging
    When image-based cheque clearing is introduced, Banking Assistant will
    enable business customers to issue the file required by their bank, enabling
    them to deposit the cheques without ever having to visit the branch. Our
    scanners are able to automatically read visible information on the cheques
    as well as additional ‘invisible’ security features such as ultra violet inks,
    which will ensure that security is not compromised in an image based clearing



Checkprint Bacstel-IP Solution, powered by Experian Payments Gateway, allows Bacs payments, Faster Payments Direct Corporate Access (DCA) and Direct Debit collections to be achieved in a simple and secure process. The solution is fully RTI Compliant and will enable the submission of the RTI cross-reference in your payroll submission to Bacs.   Fully proven technology […]

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Cheque imaging
Cheque imaging

The introduction of an accelerated cheque clearing service, based on the transfer of images and data, launched in the UK in October 2017, and provides banks, building societies, corporates, SME’s and personal cheque users with the opportunity to apply proven image-based technology to their cheque deposits. Cheque users will still write paper cheques as they […]

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Cheque printing software solutions
Cheque printing software solutions

The CheckPrint Solution is an innovative, secure and versatile family of cheque printing software solutions. Print cheques or bank giro credits using proven, secure, award winning cheque printing software solutions in conjunction with Pira Grade 1 approved MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) printers. CheckPrint Solution is a flexible, modular system for your payment requirements that will […]

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Integrated Payments Solution

The Integrated Payments Solution is an innovative, secure and versatile payment processing platform. The modular system supports both the issuance and receipt of payments and incorporates either one or any combination of the following elements. Integrated Payments Solution Issuing payments Cheques Bacs Direct Credits Electronic Remittance Advice Faster Payments  Receiving Payments  Cheque Scanning  Credits  Direct […]

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