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Integrated Payments Solution

integrated payments solution

The Integrated Payments Solution is an innovative, secure and versatile payment processing platform.

The modular system supports both the issuance and receipt of payments and incorporates either one or any combination of the following elements.

Integrated Payments Solution

Issuing payments

Receiving Payments 


Integrated Payments Solution can help you by the following: –

  • Save time and reduce processing errors – by reducing the time spent on redundant data entry and account verification and/or reconciliation
  • Save cost – in many smaller organisations, where one employee often wears several hats, re-allocate time spent on re-entering data or re-verifying credit card information to more important tasks
  • Achieve more financial visibility and control – integrate payment processing information with accounting or business systems, automatically recorded transactions, providing better visibility and capability to create detailed reports
  • Improve cash flow – by closely monitoring payments, speeding up the process to post receivables and improve cash flow

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