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Ballot Papers

Ballot PapersThe TALL Group enjoys working within specialist areas of security print.

One such area is the production of Ballot Papers for national, local authority elections and by-elections. TALL have many years of experience in printing election documentation and produces millions of ballot papers for elections both here in the UK and around the world. Critical deadlines and high levels of security are an important issue but you can be assured that the complete job is managed in-house and then delivered by us direct to your specified location.

Ballot Papers & Security Features

Documents are printed to the highest levels of quality and security, features include:

  • Watermarked paper
  • Security inks
  • Micro text
  • Bar codes
  • Specialised numbering
  • Candidates’ images

TALL Group & Ballot Papers

The TALL Group has developed reliable processes to fulfil high volume orders of ballot papers requiring an extremely fast turnaround. Expert project management and flexible working arrangements allow TALL to fulfill orders of several millions of ballot papers on an annual basis. Internationally, the TALL Group is well-known for its level of service and the secure nature of the documents produced.


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