Lead Forensics


certificatesCertificates, securely printed and personalised, can be designed and produced to the required specification.

Are your certificates sufficiently protected from fraud?

  • Do they deter fraudsters?
  • Do they stop counterfeiting?
  • Do they stop alterations?

Certificates can be supplied blank or personalised with graduate details including name, subject, result and even colour photograph.

TALL has been producing documents with overt and covert features, designed to prevent fraud, for over 20 years.

We can help you to deter fraudsters, stop counterfeiting and highlight alterations with measures such as secure designs, watermarked paper, holograms, audit numbers, heat sensitive spots, UV, security inks and latent image technology.


Personalisation and Mailing

Using the latest laser technology, certificates can be personalised using a secure data file. TALL utilises both high and low volume technology to ensure the widest possible options are available for you.

We can hold stocks in our secure warehouse and deliver them as required.


TALL accreditations