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The TALL Group of Companies has been pleased to present seminars and webinars on various subjects with a range of co-hosts and participants.

Please find access to content presented as part of our seminar and webinar programmes below: –

6th Annual Cheque Imaging & Remote Deposit Capture Event

25th November 2020

Fighting Cheque Fraud, Improving Cheque Imaging Quality, Changing Payment Habits in the Pandemic

Is the pandemic driving change in our approach to payments?

The TALL Group and Digital Check Corporation took the opportunity to provide delegates with an update on the current status of the new clearing system in the UK, how cheque imaging systems/remote deposit capture are working in other countries and the efficiencies that can be achieved through image and remote deposit capture.

The 6th Annual Cheque Imaging Seminar included presentations from a range of speakers across the event.

TALL also demonstrated the latest developments in automated fraud prevention tools for collecting & paying banks, alerting operators to potentially fraudulently altered or counterfeited cheques. The team illustrated ISF’s (Image Survivable Features) as a further effective deterrent to counterfeiting.

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