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The Send-A-Cheque™ Business Cheque Service from the TALL Group of Companies provides a secure outsourcing option for the production of your Business Cheque requirements, including your bank’s recommended Image Survivable Features (ISF’s).

The Send-A-Cheque™ service can be easily accessed on a regular basis, for normal, contingency, disaster recovery or any ad-hoc situations that present themselves.

Send-A-Cheque™ allows you to source securely printed infilled and signed business cheques without having to purchase and administer your own cheque printing software. In addition, we can save you time and cost, with no capital investment in cheque infilling equipment, where relatively low volumes of cheques are required. You will have the peace of mind that your business cheques will be managed and printed by an experienced team, on time, securely and trouble free.

Send-A-Cheque™ Business Cheque
Service Options

The TALL Send-A-Cheque™ business cheque service offers two options to users depending upon your organisations’ requirements for cheques.

Send-A-Cheque™ Standard Service -Signed or un-signed cheques printed on standard bank-approved background infilled with your payment details and sent back to you for onward distribution

Send-A-Cheque™ Premium Service -Signed cheques printed on standard bank-approved background infilled with your payment details and delivered to your supplied payee address details

Cheque Bureau Services

For more bespoke cheque requirements, TALL will guide you through the process of ordering business cheques and ensure that they meet your bank guidelines.

We design and provide secure cheque printing for cheque book and computer cheques, in a range of formats and sizes (including A4 laser and continuous cheques), and with a choice of background designs. Fully bespoke designs, incorporating unique overt and covert security features are available.

Image Survivable Features (ISF’s)

Image Survivable Features

The TALL Group are industry leaders in the application of ISF’s on cheques. From a simple Unique Coded Number (UCN) to an innovative and ground breaking security feature, the UCN Plus®, jointly developed with DIA Europe, providers of the Kappa cheque fraud prevention platform used in the UK cheque clearing system, TALL have driven cheque fraud prevention tools to the next level.

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