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Cheque Imaging

cheque imagingThe introduction of an accelerated cheque clearing service, based on the transfer of images and data, provides banks, building societies, corporates, SME’s and personal cheque users with the opportunity to apply proven image-based technology to their cheque deposits. The Image Clearing System (ICS) reduces the time taken to clear a cheque to the next working day following the cheque deposit.

Cheque users can still write paper cheques as they do now, but if they receive cheques then, depending on their individual bank or building society, they may be offered new ways of paying them into their bank or building society account.

It is still possible to pay cheques in at a branch counter just as now. An image of the cheque is created by the bank or building society when the cheque is paid in and it is this image that will be exchanged electronically through the new cheque image clearing system between the relevant banks and building societies.

Additionally, if the customer’s bank or building society offers this service, as a personal or small business customer, it is possible to image cheques received using a secure imaging tool on a mobile banking app via a mobile phone or tablet and then upload the images for paying in and processing by the bank or building society.

For larger corporate or charity customers, the banks may offer a Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) scanning facility typically using a desktop cheque scanner so that large numbers of cheques are scanned to create images, which are then uploaded online to the bank for processing.

The TALL Group is at the forefront of this cheque scanning or cheque imaging initiative, enabling existing and new customers to fully understand, and then implement the relevant software application and cheque scanning hardware to take full advantage of the reduced clearing cycle and RDC facilities made available by their bank.


remote deposit capture

Cheque Scanners

The TALL Group supply a range of cheque scanners in partnership with Digital Check, the world’s largest cheque scanner manufacturer. The two most popular models being the CheXpress® CX30 and the TellerScan® TS240.


CheXpress® CX30 TellerScan® TS240
CheXpress® CX30 TellerScan® TS240


For more information and details of the range of cheque scanners available from the TALL Group follow the link below to our dedicated Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) and Cheque Scanner website, https://remotedeposit.co.uk

Image Survivable Features (ISF’s)

In addition, the TALL Group is leading the way in the development and introduction of Image Survivable Features (ISF’s). The addition of ISF’s onto the face of a cheque can greatly help with fraud prevention and ISF’s are becoming more readily available. Such features enable the cheque data to be captured and encrypted within a unique coded number (UCN) or barcode that can be applied to the original paper cheque, thereby ensuring the validation of the item when the image is scanned within the new Image Clearing System (ICS). Counterfeit items and fraudulently altered items can then be readily identified.

Image Survivable Features (ISFs)

Banking Assistant

Banking Assistant is a cheque and cash deposit management system that supports customers receiving cheque payments, (and wishing to deposit cheques remotely, depending on the individual bank or building society).

Banking Assistant

It combines a desktop cheque scanner to capture the image and details from the cheques with comprehensive software that uses this data to:

  • Create and balance your batch for banking
  • Generate a searchable archive of cheque data and images for the cheque scanner

With three levels of software and three cheque scanning options available you can create a Checkprint Banking Assistant system that suits your specific business requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Comply with regulation
  • Speed up banking process
  • Quickly resolve queries on deposits & retrieve images
  • Improve accuracy of banking
  • Scaleable to suit your requirements

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