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Gift Vouchers

gift vouchersThe Group prides itself on being at the forefront of security printing and print solutions, acting as a trusted partner to retailers and print management companies, and we supply Gift Vouchers to many leading brands, including, Halfords, McVities, Next and Toymaster.

Fraud Prevention

TALL has been producing documents with overt and covert security features for over 20 years. We can help you to deter fraudsters, stop counterfeiting and highlight alterations with measures such secure designs, watermarked paper, holograms, audit numbers, heat sensitive spots, UV and security inks.


TALL has multiple in-house design departments working with the latest technology. A team of skilled people provide the expertise to assist you with the design process whether for a brand new design or updating an existing one.

Print and personalisation

TALL utilises both high and low volume technology to ensure that the widest range of options are available to you. So whether you are a large retailer or an independent store, we can produce your vouchers cost effectively. Using the latest laser technology, a secure data file can be used to personalise your vouchers with unique numbering, barcodes or QR codes. Secure storage and distribution

Gift Vouchers can be shipped to individual stores, one location, or can be stored at our secure site and called off as required. Alternatively, you can let us manage voucher stocks on your behalf using

CARS, our multi-location stock control system that automatically manages voucher supplies across a number of locations, ensuring you never run out of Gift Vouchers again!


It is important for businesses to be fully aware of how many vouchers are in circulation and in which stores they are being used. Our Voucher Assistant system can help you determine which Gift Vouchers have been used in each store and identify the volume and value of vouchers that remain un-redeemed.


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