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Olivetti Passbook Printer Range

The TALL Group of Companies, the UK leader in the provision of secure paper and electronic payment solutions, has been appointed by Olicom, the new owner of Olivetti banking & postal service specialised printers, as an authorised distributor and service partner to sell and support Olivetti banking products in the UK and Ireland from the specialist passbook printer manufacturer.

Olivetti’s range of passbook printers has technologically evolved over recent years by incorporating enhanced functionality, such as the ability to capture debit and credit card details, as well as ID cards in addition to its usual passbook printing capability. The printer range includes some of the most well-known Olivetti multi-functional printers in the world, the PR2 and MB2.

Recently launched, and already proving to be popular, is the open frame Olivetti A600K, the only scanner that combines a cheque reader (with MICR codeline read capability) and document scanner in one single device, which can seamlessly integrate into self-service kiosks and ATM’s. Its small footprint allows self-service systems to be upgraded at a low cost and it has already been successfully implemented in Europe on a large scale by major ATM vendors as part of important branch transformation projects.

The Olivetti range is designed to cover a wide range of applications with a selection of models to suit specific branch needs.

TALL support the passbook printers from its service centre at Checkprint, Hinckley and offer consumables, such as printer ribbons, via the on-line shop. In addition, TALL offer a choice of support contracts to ensure the printers deliver printed text, reliably and efficiently, performing in even the most demanding of print environments.

MB2 Passbook Printer

MB2 passbook printerThe MB2 is a multi-function printer for bank and building society front offices. With its ultra-compact dimensions and extensive range of functions, the MB2 simplifies front-office installations and supports additional applications.

The MB2 is the ideal tool for Document Platform solutions, enabling text and image acquisition directly by the cashier. Functions such as optical character recognition and magnetic code line recognition (MICR) are just two of the many options available. The MB2 is compatible with the applications currently implemented on the PR2, the world’s most highly successful bank printer.

  • A4 duplex scanner, black/white, grey-scale and colours up to 600 dpi
  • 24-dot matrix printer with auto-border and auto-alignment
  • Three-port USB 2.0 HUB, including a front-facing port
  • Operator display for machine messages and application messages

TALL MB2 Datasheet – pdf

PR2Plus Passbook Scanner

PR2Plus passbook printerThe PR2Plus family has been designed in different models from the entry-level version to the dual-side scanner model (MB2 model above) in order to satisfy multi-functional front-office applications. It is capable to print on all Bank forms from single-sheet and multiple-copy documents to passbooks.

The Olivetti passbook printers PR2Plus offer complete solutions in bank teller.

  • One of the smallest and quietest models in its product class
  • Superior printing speeds
  • Process all bank forms
  • Magnetic-stripe reading and writing
  • Dual side colour scanning (MB-2 model)
  • Ultra fast alignment

TALL PR2Plus Datasheet – pdf

MB2ADF Passbook Printer

MB2ADF passbook printer

The MB2ADF is the latest model to join Olivetti PR2 Plus family and combines a printer, scanner and cheque reader in one compact device.

The MB2ADF is capable of handling ID cards, multiple sheets, passbooks and passports and can also process cheques and enable bill payments.

Documents and cheques are inserted at the front, of the machine, and output at the top, which not only allows simple and quick access but also saves space. With its versatility to manage a wide range of documents, and the capability of reading OCR, barcodes and MICR, the MB2ADF represents one of the most versatile and complete multi-functional counter printer/scanners currently available on the market.

  • Able to manage all kind of banking modules and passbooks
  • High speed auto alignment
  • Integrated automatic document feeder
  • Can be shared by two operators
  • Integrated double output sorting trays
  • Highest printing speed, up to 560 cps (vhsd mode)
  • Multiple interfaces, including lan with on-board image compression
  • Easy to use

TALL MB2ADF Datasheet – pdf

A600 Passbook Printer

A600 Document ScannerOliscan A600 is the colour duplex scanner specifically designed for bank tellers: a single device for scanning cheques and A4 documents.

In particular the device scans all documents (from the A4 format to the credit card format, including identity cards) and it also reads cheque MICR codelines, OCR data and barcode.

The A600 is one of the smallest and quietest scanners in its category, optimises use of space at the teller counter.

  • Colour A4 duplex scanner
  • Resolution 600 dpi
  • Speed up to 40 ppm
  • Automatic feeder for up to 30 documents
  • Management of bank forms, including rigid and small documents
  • Scanning of barcodes, MICR codelines and OCR
  • Very easy to use
  • Integrated MICR reader, identity badge reader and endorser (optional)
  • UV reading in order to verify bank cheques authentication (optional)

TALL OLISCANA600 Datasheet – pdf

A600K Open-Frame Passbook Printer

A600K Open Frame Passbook PrinterThe open-frame Olivetti A600K is the only scanner combining a cheque reader (MICR) and document scanner in one single device which integrates easily into Self-Service Kiosks and ATMs.

Thanks to its unparalleled small footprint, upgrading existing self-service systems is unbelievably easy and low cost, with no need to redesign the current installed base. A unique device incorporating a patented automatic alignment system to prevent errors and improve the user’s experience and customer satisfaction.

Currently, Oliscan A600K has been successfully implemented on a large scale by the major ATM’s vendors as part of important branch transformation projects.

  • MICR reader – Magnetic recognition of MICR codeline (CMC7 / E13B)
  • Double feed sensor – Ultrasonic sensor detects double document feed
  • Auto-alignement module – Patented auto-adjustment technology error-free (optional)
  • Pre-scan inkjet head – 1 line, to print on long edge of moving paper (factory option), to support cheque validation and documents protocol
  • Software – TWAIN driver, XFS Wosa Service provider, SW Development Kit (testing tools, API)

TALL OLISCANA600K Datasheet – pdf

Other Printer Models:

M355Plus Passbook Printer

M355Plus passbook printer

M355Plus combines all the PR2Plus printing features with continuous documents handling functionalities through the tractor on the back to manage all types of documents at banks branches and other industries.

Equipped with a 24-dot matrix print head, it has a high print speed in terms of characters per second and a large production capacity.

M355Plus is the unique device in the world available for continuous form handling, passbook printing and magnetic stripe R&W.

TALL M355Plus Datasheet – pdf

PR9 Passbook Printer

PR9 passbook printer

As the most economical product on the market today, the PR9 specialized printer is designed to be one of the most advanced solution for banking transaction and financial services.

PR9 handles a wide type of formats and thickness: single sheet up to A4 size, passbooks, vouchers, tickets, multi-copy forms, etc.

Its superior document handling (auto alignment and auto document thickness adaption) capability ensures a quick and efficient processing on the documents inserted with variable thickness at different angles in any position.

  • Superior document handling capabilities
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy integration

TALL PR9 Datasheet – pdf


Printer Ribbons

Passbook Printer Ribbon
Cartridge ribbon products have a high quality fabric fitted as standard, with a life span of 5 million characters, 7 million characters and a maximum of 10 million characters now available.

Cartridge ribbons can be purchased from the on-line shop.

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