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Secure cheque printing

secure special cheque printingThe TALL Group of Companies specialises in providing secure cheque printing for the banking and financial sectors and enjoys a substantial reputation amongst the largest financial services companies in the UK.

We have no minimum or maximum order quantities. We also supply smaller companies who use a few cheques as well as larger companies and financial institutions who use millions of cheques a year.

No matter what the size of your special cheque printing requirements, we pride ourselves in providing a high quality service at all times.

Our Team will:-

  • Take care of your bank’s approval
  • Ensure that all technical and security standards are met or exceeded
  • Provide a high quality service at all times
  • Offer advice on cheques, security and associated products such as software and printers

Secure cheque printing

Outsourced cheque payments:
Our Cheque Bureau provides a complete service including: design, print, fulfilment and mailing.

Cheque printing software:
Software and hardware solutions for printing and infilling cheques.

Special cheque and credit service:
We work with many of the major UK high street banks, liaising with bank contacts and their corporate customers to provide a special cheque and credit service.

Do you receive cheques?
Read more about Cheque Imaging.

Cheque Infographic

The Good Old Dependable ‘Innovative’ Cheque: Click here to see our ‘Cheque Infographic’.

Despite cheque volumes reducing due to the on-going development of new payment methods, there has been a significant processing innovation with the introduction of the Cheque Image Clearing System (ICS).

We bring you some of the latest figures around Cheques and their usage.

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