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Image Survivable Features (ISF's)

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Image Survivable Features

Cheque Fraud Prevention

The addition of Image Survivable Features (ISF’s) onto the face of a cheque can greatly help with fraud prevention and ISF’s are becoming more readily available. Such features enable the cheque data to be captured and encrypted within a unique coded number (UCN) or barcode that can be applied to the original paper cheque, thereby ensuring the validation of the item when the image is scanned within the new Image Clearing System (ICS) introduced in the UK in October 2017. Counterfeit items and fraudulently altered items can then be readily identified.


TALL prides itself in being at the forefront of security printing and payments solutions, acting as a trusted partner to major banks and financial institutions working together with organisations for nearly 30 years.

In addition, TALL has worked in close collaboration with DIA Europe, whose KAPPA Fraud Prevention platform validates cheques passing through the central image clearing system. This close partnership has resulted in the development of automated cheque fraud prevention tools designed to minimise fraudulent activity, in particular, the counterfeiting of cheques.

Image Survivable Features (ISF’s)

The TALL Group offers participating banks and their customers a range of Image Survivable Features dependent on the type, volume and value of cheques being produced.

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