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Participating Banks using ISFs

Participating Banks Image Survivable Features

The addition of Image Survivable Features (ISFs) by participating banks onto the face of a cheque can greatly help with fraud prevention and ISFs are becoming more readily available. Such features enable the cheque data to be captured and encrypted within a unique coded number (UCN) or QR barcode that can be applied to the original paper cheque, thereby ensuring the validation of the item when the image is scanned within the new Image Clearing System (ICS) introduced in the UK in October 2017. Counterfeit items and fraudulently altered items can then be readily identified.

The introduction of Image Survivable Features (ISFs) on cheques to help prevent cheque fraud is being adopted by UK banks to assist their customers in avoiding financial losses.

The list of ‘Participating Banks’, see below, includes those banks that have adopted the TALL Group’s ISFs for personal and/or business customers. The type of ISF chosen will depend on the bank, its customer and the bank’s relationship with DIA Europe.

  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • HSBC
  • NatWest Group
  • Barclays

Note: The list of participating banks will be updated as and when each bank enable the full functionality of the chosen TALL ISF within the central Image Clearing System.

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