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UCN Plus® Solution

UCN Plus® Solution

UCN Plus® Solution

TALL has created a simple and comprehensive package, comprising software, hardware, installation services and a supply of cheque stock to assist customers of ‘Participating Banks’ who want to infill their own Special Cheques in-house.

The UCN PLUS® Solution package includes: –

• Cheque issuance on up to 2 bank accounts
• 2,000 Special Cheques (A4 Cheque Remittance Or 3-to-a-page) with 2 Colours of Personalisation
• Laser Printer and MICR Toner
• License and Support for 3 years for Software, 1 Year Support for Hardware
• Ability to print either A4 Cheque/Remittance Or Cheque only (3-to-a-page) with all infilling, MICR Codeline, UCN & UCN Plus® and signature graphic
• Single terminal installation with installation support and training provided remotely (with the SQL database either on the terminal or a server)
• Either Manual Data Entry Or Data File upload (the Data File uploaded in a defined format)
• One output layout configured (either letter remittance, ledger/multi-line remittance, or 3-to-a-page-cheques)
• Manual Signatures Or system can apply one signature graphic (with multiple signatures incorporated).
• Upper Value Limit can be set for manual signature lines to be applied when cheques exceed specified value

What is UCN Plus®?

UCN Plus® is an ISF (Image Survivable Feature) consisting of an encrypted QR (Quick Response) code printed on the face of the cheque. UCN Plus® provides a ‘Participating Bank’ and its cheque-issuing corporate / SME customers with a robust and comprehensive cheque fraud prevention platform which fully survives the imaging process of the ICS (Image Clearing System).
UCN Plus® replicates the benefits of paper-based ‘Positive Pay’, by providing an automated, fully ‘hands-off’ version for the ICS, whilst removing the costs of data file preparation, transfer and any associated manual administration.
The UCN Plus® covers all codeline and variable data, including payee name, amount and date from the printed cheque.

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