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System cheques

system cheques
System cheques remain an ideal way of reinforcing corporate branding. Although the use of cheques has declined over recent years as more and more businesses have started to use automated payment systems and cards, it still remains an important payment method, particularly for small businesses. The opportunity to reinforce branding and identities is still a key marketing component.

We can supply your computer cheques, journals and journal sheets.

System cheques for use with automated software are available in a range of formats to suit your in-house computer software. For instance, if you use a dot matrix printer, continuous cheques are the right choice, whilst the A4 format is suitable for use with laser or inkjet printers.

The compatibility of your cheques with your computer software output is guaranteed and TALL provide cheques suitable for use with all UK software applications including Sage, Pegasus, Tetra and Multisoft as well as bespoke software.

Tired of writing cheques? Use system cheques

We offer a simple, affordable cheque infilling system.
We will supply you with simple software, an approved laser printer and secure, compatible cheque stock.
Find out more about our cheque printing software.

Alternatively see our service for outsourcing your cheque production.

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