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UV verification products

UV verification products are in use in many building societies.

system V

System V – UV Verification Products

System V is the preferred method of many building societies for verifying authenticity of signatures on building society pass books.

System V comprises of a package of a UV (Ultra Violet) lamp and specially printed UV slips. Each element of the package can be supplied separately.

UV verification products include: –

UV Lamps

The UV lamp works by showing up fluorescent areas on printed items. In the case of System V, this would be the verifying signature, but can also be used to identify counterfeit items.

The lamp features an extremely powerful UV florescent scanning tube, which allows the use of the machine under daylight conditions.

The UV lamp is available as hand-held or desktop and in various versions depending on the scale and nature of use.

uv verification

System V Slips

System V slips are printed with a primary UV band across the centre of the slip.

This slip is used to transfer signatures onto building society pass books in an invisible UV ink that is visible only under the System V lamp.

Available in packs of 500 and supplied with a minimum order quantity of 2500 slips.

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