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We RISE Together

A TALL Group Communications Initiative

We RISE Together Initiative

We RISE Together Objectives: –

  • Promoting teamwork and communication across teams, companies and Group
  • Highlighting the Company Values, encouraging and recognising behaviour aligned to the values
  • Celebrating successes across the Group
  • Including everyone at TALL



This is about Respect for each other, our customers, partners, our Environment and the Safety and Security of all our people, processes and outputs. We will display the highest standards of Integrity and rigorously maintain physical and cyber security systems.
Throughout 2022, the We RISE Together initiative will highlight those individuals and teams who exhibit these values in their work and interactions, and encourage others to follow their example.



Constant improvement by measuring and acknowledging our challenges, and involving all our people in resolving and delivering solutions is critical to the continuing success of the company.
Encouraging Personal Development, and facilitating any training and learning opportunities is everyone’s responsibility – so those who support the transfer of skills and knowledge, who encourage Teamwork and who look for Innovation in our working practices and products/services will be recognised and applauded.



Product Quality and Customer Service are two of the hallmarks of the success of the TALL Group over the first 30 years of our journey. Exceeding customers’ expectations on a regular basis is a characteristic that sets us apart from competitors, but sets a standard which we have to continuously meet. All aspects of our business touch our customers at some point, in some way, and ensuring we do the best possible job, for our colleagues to whom we hand work over, by checking Quality and details, and getting things right first time, every time, remains critical for every team member. In 2022, the We RISE Together initiative will keep these commitments at the forefront of our communications and recognise outstanding achievement in delivering excellent Quality and Service.


The companies in the Group recognise that we have an impact on our colleagues, our customers and our environment in every action we take. We are keen to Engage in our local communities with educational, fund-raising and supportive activities, and we acknowledge our responsibilities as a local employer.
Everyone has the right – and the responsibility –to Communicate fully wherever they can, to make a contribution to improving the business and the lives of others, and we will recognise those who go above and beyond the norm to help, encourage and support each other and our communities.

Like our previous Road To Recovery Campaign, we want to hear your good news stories, whether they are personal, team-based or business related.

Post your news in one of the We RISE Together boxes or email shoutout@tallgroup.co.uk

Alternatively, tell your Supervisor or Manager and they can pass it along. We want to hear from you!

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